Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's Not Too Late!!!

Team Registrations are still being accepted for the 2nd Annual Community Dodgeball Tournament. Please see the links below for the Team Registration Form and Individual Release Form.

Team Registration needs to be completed and forwarded as soon as possible; payment can be accepted up to one hour prior to the beginning of the tournament.

Dodgeball Tournament Registration Forms

Please click on the following link for the Junior High Team Registration Form: http://pluto.matrix49.com/15641/subpages/Youth-Dodge-Ball-Registration-form-Jr-09.pdf

Please click on the following link for the Senior High Team Registration Form: http://pluto.matrix49.com/15641/subpages/Youth-Dodge-Ball-Registration-form-Sr-09.pdf

Please click on the following link for the Individual Dodgeball Release form. Please remember that each player must bring a signed document with them to the tournament to be eligible to play: http://pluto.matrix49.com/15641/subpages/Youth-Dodge-Ball-Release-09.pdf